Treatment of patients with anxiety (dental phobia)

Unfortunately, nowadays, there are more and more people who are afraid of dental treatment. This is also referred to as dental fear or dental phobia.

The reasons for this vary, for example, bad experiences in the past can cause corresponding fears.

Such a phobia can make treatment difficult or sometimes even impossible. Therefore, we as a team of your dental practice in Mannheim do everything possible to support you optimally, even as a fear patient.

Appointment booking

We welcome you to Zahnpark Mannheim. Our dental practice is centrally located in Mannheim (M7, house number 16, near the main train station).

In a comfortable atmosphere we offer our customers a wide range of professional treatment options. Our competent team is also personally available for information and questions.

Effectively stopping the cycle of fear and non-treatment

As a result of dental phobia, many people drag dental problems around with them, which unfortunately do not usually resolve themselves. It is important to break this fatal cycle of fear and non-treatment.

Treatments that are tailored to these individuals will also give them back a smile.

Zahnärztin in der Behandlung
Zahnärztin in der Behandlung
Läechelnde Frau beim Zahnarzt
Läechelnde Frau beim Zahnarzt

This is how we help with dental anxiety in your dental practice in Mannheim, Germany.

First and foremost, we proceed gently. At the first appointment, for example, there is no treatment yet. Instead, an experienced team first takes care of your wishes, ideas and fears.

The necessity and extent of the dental treatment as well as the different therapy options are discussed with you in peace.

Only when a mutual relationship of trust has been established can treatment begin. Various medications or anesthesia options will then help you to manage your fears during the treatment procedures as well.

Frequently asked questions about the treatment of anxiety patients (dental phobia)

How many people are affected by dental phobia?

Ten percent of Germans have a pathological dental phobia. Nevertheless, these affected people do not have to live with "rotten teeth".

At Zahnpark , your dental practice in Mannheim, we adapt individually to our patients, even those with dental fear.

Can nitrous oxide help with dental anxiety?

Yes, the use of nitrous oxide can be a very good means of reducing or completely eliminating dental anxiety. We will be happy to advise you. Read more about this in the corresponding service area (laughing gas sedation) of our website.

What relaxation methods help against dental anxiety?

Many patients have good experiences with relaxation techniques or therapies for dental anxiety. These include, for example, autogenic training, hypnosis therapies or behavioral therapies.

Can music help when going to the dentist?

You relax best when you listen to music? Talk to us about it. Perhaps you can fall back on your favorite music during your dental treatment and bring headphones, for example.

Can I have treatments performed under general anesthesia?

Some dental treatments, where normally only local anesthesia is common, can also take place under general anesthesia.

We will be happy to inform you about the advantages and disadvantages as well as possible risks and enable you to find a good way to deal with your fears when visiting the dentist.

Who do I talk to about dental anxiety before the appointment?

It is best to state directly when making your appointment that you are affected by dental anxiety. Then we are best prepared for your appointment and can offer you all the measures that could help you.


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