Surgical Dentistry

In our dental practice in Mannheim, we offer the entire spectrum of dental surgery with a lot of experience.

The Zahnpark Mannheim is therefore a good place to go if, for example, you have problems with your wisdom teeth or need an apicoectomy.

In addition, we cover the areas of periodontal surgery, pre-prosthetic surgery, lip frenulum correction and the entire spectrum of implant surgery.

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We welcome you to Zahnpark Mannheim. Our dental practice is centrally located in Mannheim (M7, house number 16, near the main train station).

In a comfortable atmosphere we offer our customers a wide range of professional treatment options. Our competent team is also personally available for information and questions.

Wisdom teeth treatments

Wisdom teeth are often the cause of toothache as well as inflammation and tooth displacement. The reason is that most people have no more space in the jaw for these late erupting teeth.

Therefore, it is usually advisable to remove wisdom teeth at an early stage. We perform such procedures at Zahnpark Mannheim with a lot of experience and individually tailored to you.

This is a routine procedure that can usually be performed under local anesthesia. If necessary, gentle sedation can also be used.

Mann mit Zahn- / Kieferschmerzen
Mann mit Zahn- / Kieferschmerzen
Frau mit entzündetem Zahnfleisch
Frau mit entzündetem Zahnfleisch

Root apex resection

An apicoectomy is a minor surgical procedure in which inflammatory foci triggered by teeth are removed.

At Zahnpark Mannheim, we usually perform such a routine procedure under local anesthesia. If necessary, gentle sedation can be applied.

Periodontal surgery

Periodontal surgery refers to surgical procedures performed as part of periodontal treatment, i.e. treatment of the periodontal apparatus.

If necessary, root planing can also be performed and inflammatory tissue removed.

Zahnärztliche Instrumente
Zahnärztliche Instrumente

Preprosthetic surgery

When we talk about so-called preprosthetic surgery, we are talking about procedures that take place before the insertion of a dental prosthesis.

They are small, preparatory measures that ensure a better reception of dentures.

Interventions on the labial frenulum

Interfering labial frenulum can be separated at Zahnpark Mannheim if necessary.

This is particularly necessary or useful if these frenulum cause gaps between the teeth. This can then be avoided by the small, targeted intervention.

Lächelnde Frau
Lächelnde Frau

Implant surgery

Implant surgery is an important service area at Zahnpark Mannheim. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on this.

The most important information on this topic as well as answers to frequently asked questions can also be found here on our website under Implantology.  .

Frequently asked questions about Surgical Dentistry

How long does it take to remove wisdom teeth?

When we discuss your wisdom tooth surgery with you, we can usually already tell you approximately how long it will take.

The duration depends, among other things, on how complex the procedure is. For example, if the wisdom teeth are still in the jaw, if they are severely damaged, or if their position makes them easily misaligned, the operation will take longer.

The times range from about 20 minutes to several hours per tooth.

Can I have all my wisdom teeth removed at once?

In most cases, it is possible to remove all wisdom teeth at once. However, this creates four wounds, so you need to prepare yourself for a longer period of restricted eating and possibly more severe discomfort after the operation.

We will be happy to discuss the best solution for your case with you and explain the advantages and disadvantages of different procedures.

How will I be sedated during dental surgery?

The type of anesthesia depends, among other things, on what you want. In most cases, local anesthesia of the corresponding region is sufficient.

If you are very afraid of the surgery, we can also offer you a general anesthesia.

How will I be sedated during dental surgery?

The type of anesthesia depends, among other things, on what you want. In most cases, local anesthesia of the corresponding region is sufficient.

If you are very afraid of the surgery, we can also offer you a general anesthesia.

When should I have a frenulum corrected?

A labial frenulum that is too strongly formed can cause problems. Especially if it is located in the upper jaw, it can push the incisors apart.

If the frenulum occurs in the area of the posterior teeth, bacteria can accumulate there and lead to inflammation of the area. It is then a so-called diastema.

In the above-mentioned cases or if you have any other questions about a labial frenulum operation, we will be happy to help you.

When can I eat again after lip frenulum surgery ?

After this lip frenulum surgery, you will soon be able to eat again. However, there are some dietary recommendations for the first few days after the operation, which we will then also give you. For example, fruit juices can unnecessarily irritate the affected area.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions.


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