Aesthetic Dentistry

In the field of aesthetic dentistry in Mannheim, we focus on your well-being and the beauty of your teeth. After all, you should feel completely comfortable with your smile.

To achieve this goal, we use different, very effective measures. At the same time, we make sure that these are gentle and can be performed in a minimally invasive manner.

Dental aesthetics at Zahnpark Mannheim means, for example, that we perform precise shape and colour corrections on the teeth, which improve the appearance of the teeth, increase well-being and boost self-confidence. Learn more about dental aesthetics at your dentist Dr. Öztürk in Mannheim here.

Appointment booking

We welcome you to Zahnpark Mannheim. Our dental practice is centrally located in Mannheim (M7, house number 16, near the main train station).

In a comfortable atmosphere we offer our customers a wide range of professional treatment options. Our competent team is also personally available for information and questions.

Professional teeth cleaning in Mannheim

Through professional teeth cleaning, or PZR for short, we restore your natural tooth color. Discolorations and deposits are removed, followed by a thorough polishing.

Of course, we also rely on modern dental equipment and the expertise of our experienced team for PZR in Mannheim.

Due to the comprehensive cleaning, the procedure also helps to prevent complaints such as caries and periodontitis. Thus, the PRZ is also an important contribution to prophylaxis.

Lächelnde Frau
Lächelnde Frau

Tooth whitening (Bleaching)

We can also offer you so-called tooth bleaching, i.e. the whitening of teeth, at Zahnpark Mannheim. As your experts for dentistry and dental aesthetics, we use gentle procedures.

We exclusively use the in-office (direct procedure) bleaching. In this process, the teeth should be thoroughly cleaned of discoloration and deposits beforehand. Then a very gentle medical whitening gel is applied. Within a short time the gel is activated by a special UV light and you get the final result immediately at the end of the treatment.


Do you want a smile that looks simply perfect? Then veneers could be the best solution to fulfill your wish.

Veneers are wafer-thin, tooth-colored ceramic veneers that are attached to the outer surfaces of the tooth using a special adhesive technique. This ensures very attractive esthetics and a radiant smile.

At your dental park in Mannheim, you can opt for veneers, for example, if your teeth are heavily worn, if corners are broken off, or if you want to have severe discoloration covered.

Frau, die nachdenkt
Frau, die nachdenkt
Frau, die auf Ihre Zähne zeigt
Frau, die auf Ihre Zähne zeigt

Tooth-colored fillings, inlays, onlays

When teeth are filled, this should also be done from an aesthetic point of view. Our Zahnpark Mannheim team specializes in such aesthetically pleasing solutions.

In many cases we use the so-called composite fillings as inconspicuous, tooth-colored fillings. Composite fillings are synthetic materials that are filled with ceramic particles and have a hardness that is similar to that of a tooth. Such fillings can be used in the anterior and posterior regions. They can hardly or not be distinguished from the own tooth substance with the naked eye.

Inlays and onlays are ceramic fillings made in the laboratory, which have excellent esthetics. After insertion, they can only be distinguished from the patient's own tooth substance with magnifying glasses.

Invisible tooth correction with corrective splints

When teeth are literally out of alignment, an invisible corrective splint is a particularly comfortable and gentle correction. We are happy to offer you such aesthetic splints for your teeth at Zahnpark Mannheim. Annoying metal braces and wires are a thing of the past.

Plastic splints made individually for you bring your teeth into top shape - without anyone noticing. We check the success of the treatment at regular intervals.

Depending on the initial situation, the treatment is completed in a relatively short time. Invasive measures are not necessary. For more individual information, make a free appointment.


Frequently asked questions about Aesthetic Dentistry

Which aesthetic treatments of the teeth are paid by the health insurance?

In principle, the following applies: If dental treatment is performed for purely aesthetic reasons, insured persons do not receive any co-payments from the statutory health insurance.

However, there are also cases in which esthetic dentistry is also closely linked to medical necessities. Therefore, we will be happy to discuss this issue with you individually.

If necessary, we will also prepare a suitable treatment and cost plan, which you can coordinate with your health insurance company in advance.

How much do invisible dental trays cost?

It is not very easy or even impossible to give a blanket answer to this question. This is mainly because the need for treatment varies greatly from person to person.

The cost of invisible dental splints, for example, depends crucially on how long the treatment takes. 

We will be happy to advise you individually so that you receive precise information on your question.

In which cases do you recommend veneers?

Veneers are used, for example, if there are gaps in the incisors that you would like to cover up in an aesthetically pleasing way.

In addition, they are used more frequently if, for example, a corner of the tooth has broken off or if you want to visually "match" a particularly small tooth to the other teeth. Veneers create a beautiful, even row of teeth in a relatively simple way.

Can anyone perform teeth whitening?

Since we use a very gentle procedure, in most cases there is no reason not to use it.

How often should I have whitening done?

Even when using gentle bleaching methods that we apply for you at Zahnpark Mannheim, bleaching should not be done too frequently. The frequency we recommend depends, among other things, on the condition of your teeth.

In many cases, we recommend an interval of approximately two to three years between bleaching sessions.

How often do you recommend a professional tooth cleaning ?

Professional tooth cleaning is a very good measure within dental prophylaxis. We will recommend to you individually which intervals between two PZRs are optimal.

In most cases, it makes sense to have such a dental cleaning performed once or twice a year.

What if veneers peel off?

Even though veneers are very stable and durable, they can also detach or break off from the tooth. Please contact us at Zahnpark Mannheim directly in such cases. Then we will help you quickly.

Please pick up any veneers that have fallen off and bring it with you to your appointment at the dental practice in Mannheim. If it is still intact, a new veneer does not then need to be made.

What speaks against tooth whitening?

  • Carious teeth
  • Dentures such as crowns cannot be whitened
  • Very sensitive and exposed tooth necks
  • Extensive fillings in the whitening area


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