Dental Prosthetics

In case of loss of a tooth or several teeth as well as in case of certain damages of the tooth substance we can help you very well by modern prosthetics.

At Zahnpark Mannheim we offer the complete range of dental prosthetics. This includes both fixed prosthetic solutions (permanently remaining in the mouth) and (for cleaning) removable prostheses.

Each type of prosthesis is custom-made in the dental laboratory to fit you exactly and then integrated into your natural dentition. Aesthetically and so that you can smile again and chew and eat without problems.

Payment in installments possible

It is important to us that your dental health is maintained or improved, regardless of your financial situation. At Zahnpark Mannheim, you have the option of paying in installments. For this purpose, we cooperate with various companies, such as ZA and BFS. Installment payment options of up to 12 installments can be provided completely free of charge under certain conditions through these companies.

Appointment booking

We welcome you to Zahnpark Mannheim. Our dental practice is centrally located in Mannheim (M7, house number 16, near the main train station).

In a comfortable atmosphere, we offer our customers a wide range of professional treatment options. Our competent team is also personally available for information and questions.

Fixed dentures

Fixed dentures are recommended when there are major tooth defects or gaps. A distinction is made between crowns and bridges. These are firmly attached to the natural teeth (as "abutments") or to implanted dental abutments that behave and feel like the patient's own teeth.

When crowns are used, individual teeth are capped when they need to be restored due to decay, fracture, or major defects.

With bridges, terminal teeth (abutments) of a small or large gap are capped and the gap is closed in the form of a bridge.

If there are no or not enough abutments (natural teeth) for fixed dentures, this does not mean in most cases that fixed teeth are excluded. In most cases, this can be remedied with only a small amount of effort. For this purpose, we use implants in your dental practice Zahnpark Mannheim, which are placed in a gentle procedure and are at least equivalent.

Frau, die auf Ihre Zähne zeigt
Frau, die auf Ihre Zähne zeigt

Removable dentures

We usually recommend removable dentures when larger gaps have formed in the dentition that cannot be fixed with bridges or implants. Removable dentures are divided into complete dentures and partial dentures. They have in common the support and distribution of the chewing load on the gums.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures must be anchored to the remaining natural or implanted teeth. One way to do this is to use clasps to hold the denture in place. However, these clasps are not recommended because they are usually perceived as aesthetically disturbing and cannot provide sufficient adhesion.

An aesthetically excellent option is offered by attachment or telescopic crowns. This allows the denture to be attached to the existing teeth almost invisibly. This allows better wearing comfort as well as a shorter acclimatization period.

Complete dentures

With complete dentures, the denture is worn exclusively on the gums without anchorage. Without tooth anchorage, the wearing comfort is very limited, and the acclimatization phase is greatly prolonged.

The fabrication process requires several sessions from the dentist, during which time limited chewing function is to be expected. To achieve the best result, some patience is required, as the new situation requires a period of habituation and minor corrections until the final fitting of the denture is a multistep process.

Please arrange a free and personal consultation with us for a detailed and intensive consultation!

Frequently asked questions about prosthetics

How does Zahnpark Mannheim select cooperating dental laboratories?

We attach great importance to quality when selecting our cooperation partners. This also applies to the area of dental laboratories, because excellent quality in the manufacture of dental prostheses is the basis for you to feel comfortable with the result later.

We therefore work exclusively with quality laboratories from the region.

For you, this means that you receive a high-quality dental prosthesis at reasonable prices.

Is it necessary to remove a partial denture during the night?

In principle, it is also possible to wear a partial denture at night. Nevertheless, we recommend that you do not do this. The reason for this is that the gums and your bone can recover well from the denture pressure during the night if you remove the denture for an hour.

What can I do if my partial denture pinches?

Particularly in the initial period, the inserted partial denture may cause a feeling of pressure. You should not let this unsettle you too much.

Please simply contact us in such cases. Together we will discuss which measures can help you.

What does a partial denture cost?

No general statement can be made about the costs of a partial denture. The price always depends on your individual characteristics and your wishes and requirements for the denture.

Please ask us directly about this question during your next visit to us in order to receive a concrete answer.

Will my health insurance pay for a telescope crown?

Telescopes are partially included in the benefits catalog and are subsidized via the fixed allowance system.

Are there installment payment options for dentures?

We will be happy to advise you individually and to suit your budget.

In addition, there are various providers who offer loans and other financing options for dental treatment.


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