Pediatric Dentistry

If you want to provide dental care for children, you should have a lot of empathy and, of course, additional professional competence.

We offer these prerequisites at Zahnpark, your dental practice in Mannheim. We are happy to take time for your children. We address their questions and wishes in an age-appropriate manner and do everything we can to ensure that a good relationship of trust is established right from the start. It goes without saying that our pediatric dentistry services also include detailed consultation with parents.

Appointment booking

We welcome you to Zahnpark Mannheim. Our dental practice is centrally located in Mannheim (M7, house number 16, near the main train station).

In a comfortable atmosphere we offer our customers a wide range of professional treatment options. Our competent team is also personally available for information and questions.

From the first milk tooth ...

Many parents wonder how long they should wait before visiting the dentist for the first time. After all, the milk teeth do not remain in the child's dentition for the rest of his or her life. Even if the thought process is understandable: the health of the milk teeth is crucial for your child's well-being and that the later teeth also remain healthy.

Therefore, please make an appointment with our dentist at Zahnpark Mannheim as soon as the first teeth appear. This gives you more security and gives you and us the opportunity to introduce the child to visits to the dentist's office without stress.

Junge beim Zahnarzt
Junge beim Zahnarzt
Mädchen, das ihre Zähne zeigt
Mädchen, das ihre Zähne zeigt

Taking the appropriate measures with empathy

Our team is familiar with dealing with children and we are always happy to see our little patients. With a lot of empathy we make sure that children are doing well in our practice.

Depending on their needs, we then also devote ourselves to appropriate prophylaxis or even dental treatment. For example, plaque is gently removed and the correct way to brush teeth is explained.

Frequently asked questions about pediatric dentistry

From what age can I use the Zahnpark as a pediatric dental practice in Mannheim?

Our practice is open to children and adults of all ages. You can come to us for your first visit with your children when the first baby tooth erupts.

What should I do if my child is afraid of going to the dentist?

You yourself can do a lot to enable your child to visit the dentist in Mannheim without fear. Do not come to us only when toothache has already occurred, but very early. This way, your child will get used to being with us in our practice.

Please also come if your child is afraid of the dentist and inform us about it. We take time for you and respond empathetically to children. The first visits are about getting to know each other and a first, friendly contact.

Which children's dental treatments does the health insurance pay for?

Most dental treatments for children are paid for by the statutory health insurance. Of course, you can always come to us if your child has a toothache or other dental complaints.

Health insurance benefits for children also include comprehensive prophylaxis. This means that the teeth are well protected from the very beginning if you keep the regular appointments with us at Zahnpark Mannheim and ensure good dental hygiene at home.

Should I come to the dentist's office from the first tooth?

Yes, that makes absolute sense. Already when the first little tooth shows, you are right with us at Zahnpark Mannheim.

How does the visit to the dentist with child?

The first visits to the dentist are especially important so that your child can "make friends" with the rooms and the equipment in the practice. We show the child in an age-appropriate way what there is to discover in the practice and allay any possible fears.

If there are specific complaints or the child has a toothache, the visit to the dentist is of course also coordinated with this. The consultation of the parents is very important to us.


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